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December 13, 2015 Category: Polyarthritis

polyarthritisA disease during which the inflammatory process damaging some joints sequentially or simultaneously is know as polyarthritis. The illness develops irrespective of age, sex and a social status of the person. At this disease practically all joints can be damaged, but special inconvenience brings polyarthritis of hands when becomes impossible to carry out any activities at all.

The main symptoms of polyarthritis are joint pains, puffiness and hyperemia in a defeat place. Quite often the disease is followed by stiffness, at a chronic recurrence joint deformation is observed. Also at polyarthritis also the general health suffers. It is noticeable that temperature increases, there is a fatigue and weakness. Most often initial symptoms of polyarthritis appear on hands, distribution of inflammatory process on other larger joints is possible later. The patient is disturbed by swelling of hands joints, hyperemia and morbidity over the affected joint. Finger bending difficulty in the morning or after work, and also appearance of new spots of small knots near the affected place are characteristic for hands polyarthritis. When performing even the simplest capturing or rotation hands movements can experience difficulty. For rheumatic arthritis the gradual beginning is characteristic: insignificant morning constraint, changeable and mild pains, slight increase of body temperature.

Further course of disease proceeds differently. At someone large joints are damaged, thus their functions are almost not destroyed, at others symptoms of polyarthritis are considerably expressed whereas the illness covers only small feet and brushes joints. Over time the course of rheumatic arthritis progresses, muscles, adjacent to a sore joint, will atrophy, sinews are involved in process, the joint is deformed, the sick person doesn’t become capable to performance of movements in full. Complaints to a sleep in extremities and feeling in them of “goosebumps” which appear because of defeat of nervous fibers join symptoms of polyarthritis of a rheumatoid form.

Such diseases do not yield to full recovery but you may relieve the pain with the help of different analgesics which you may order via Canadian Health&Care mall.

Duration of polyarthritis treatment in an acute phase depends on many factors, but in all cases a course of drugs administration is rather long.

Completely it is impossible to get rid of this disease, to the person in power only to brake process of destruction of a bone tissue by means of the corresponding preparations, thereby having made the existence accepted. Treatment of polyarthritis is carried out in several directions. First of all preparations from group of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs and corticosteroids are applied.

The greatest effect can be achieved by the intake of combination of tablets or injections to preparations of external application (creams, ointments and gels). If necessary antibiotics, immunosuppressants and antihistaminic preparations are used. Also during polyarthritis treatment the attention to improvement of the chronic infection centers is paid. At rheumatoid polyarthritis treatment is supplemented with the means appointed by the rheumatologist. As the distracting procedure at pains it is possible to use serial applying of cold and hot compresses on the injured joints. Similar effect also hot salt trays have. All these drugs may be ordered in the web drug store Canadian Health&Care mall. You are welcome to check out its web site.