Canadian Pharmacy Mall Attended Exhibition

October 7, 2015 Category: Health Lifestyle

incomeLaguna Niguel, CA — With tradeshow season 2010 barely over, DealerCamp finds itself in high gear for next year with an onslaught of interest from exhibitors, many with contracts in hand, and the addition of key retailers to the DealerCamp Advisory Board who will help chart the future of this intimate retailer focused event. Some exhibitors that are committing early chock it up to value.

“The landscape of selling in the bike business has changed. We need orders in hand much earlier to affect production. July is the right time for us. Presenting the new line to the sales force and then immediately rolling the program out to our top retailers is a more effective way to start the model year. We’ve had two years worth of great product intros at PressCamp™, and have been successful at DealerCamp’s inaugural year so the choice is easy to continue participation when you truly look at the ROI.” said Adrian Montgomery at Scott Sports.

“The most important idea is that this company not only earn income but also try to make people interested in such a sport kind as bicycling” Canadian Pharmacy Mall claimed. “Start making people getting used to such information which may become effective in helping them to keep a healthy lifestyle.”

Scott Sports is planning a complete week of activities at DealerCamp 2011, including sales meetings, pre-event retail meetings and full indoor and outdoor exhibitions.

Momentum on the dealer front reached a new level with four retailer positions created on DealerCamp’s Advisory Board. The first two posts were awarded to Davis Carver of Bath Cycle and Ski in Maine and Patrick Fetzer of Laguna Beach Cyclery in California. Both retailers participated in DealerCamp 2010 and represent leading retail operations in their respective regions. The initial make up of the Advisory Board included several founding brands; Advanced Sports International, BH/Pivot, BionX, Ibis Cycles, Marin, Quality Bicycle Products, SCOTT USA, Shimano, SRAM and WTB.

“With the expansion of the board to include retailers, whose input will help us craft a most inclusive event, we believe DealerCamp has the priority right with a focus on the dealers. That’s why we are here” commented Lance Camisasca, president of Lifeboat Events. DealerCamp 2011 has exhibit dates of July 26-28, 2011 in Park City, Utah at the Deer Valley Resort.