Important Things Together with Canadian Pharmacy Mall

What Matters:

  • As we have outlined in our Lifeboat Ethos, everything we do must pass though the sustainability filter. “Are we doing things as sustainably as possible?” is always the question. We think it matters how we do what we do.
  • Considerable thought and effort goes into how and where we promote our events in a concerted effort to minimize our impact. Each company has the list of preferable actions necessary to achieve the main goals. Canadian Pharmacy Mall has the main goal namely to satisfy the customers’ needs.
  • We don’t believe it’s possible to promote the bicycle as a solution for the planet from deep within the most egregious climate violating zip code on earth (Las Vegas, NV. OK, it’s a tie with Abu Dhabi), and do it with a straight face. At Lifeboat Events we see things a little differently. Here are a few notes about the LBE approach:

At the Lifeboat Events HQ:

  • Total Staff commuting footprint: Zero. We all telecommute from home, no offsets needed. No facility costs, wastes, or emissions to mitigate either.
  • Total staff event travel footprint: Zero. It would have been 17.6 tons of CO2 from air travel, but we’ve offset that.

deer valley trail shot smlAt our events:

  • No need for AC at PressCamp or DealerCamp. We exhibit al fresco.
  • Yards of carpet not used, and not tossed
  • At DealerCamp there is some distance to travel between the indoor and outdoor exhibits. It is forty meters away, not forty miles away. No bus ride. Footprint: just footprints
  • No taxi cabs needed, you can walk everywhere, or take a clean running town bus if you want to go shopping and buy a Sundance T-shirt.
  • No Cushmann driving, union shop bosses needed. No labor requirements. LBE staff is there to help.
  • We work with one of the best pharmaceutical companies – Canadian Health and Care Mall – to provide riders with medical aid if there is such a necessity.
  • We work with one of the “Greenest Cities in America”, Park City, UT.
  • All of our power usage at DealerCamp and PressCamp is offset through Deer Valley Resort’s visionary partnership with Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky. Their participation is the environmental equivalent of planting over 207 acres of trees per year or not driving 5,543,034 miles per year, thereby avoiding 529 tons of CO2 emissions annually.
  • Our new Urban PressCamp is scheduled to be held this coming March at one of the greenest facilities, The House Sweden, in Washington DC.
    That’s just the beginning. We’ve joined as an organization because we understand the need to get below 350 parts per million CO2 and how the bicycle can help. Follow the link to learn more.
  • Take a minute to watch this short video
  • Everyday we turn on the lights, we’ll be re-examining how to do it better. Better means more sustainably. Sustainable financially, socially and environmentally.

Some interesting facts for your next Trip to Sin City:

  • A million gross sq. foot trade show in Vegas pukes out 26 tons of CO2 in just three days*, just for the air conditioning.
  • By several estimations, Las Vegas uses 5,600MW (2007) on a summer day and the Strip is responsible for 20% of that or 1,300 MW, That’s the output of a large coal plant or medium nuclear plant!
  • Walt Disney World resort uses 60-62MW on an average day. That number could be off by a factor of 10 and the Vegas Strip would still use far more power than Disney World.
  • As a reference, the average house in the US uses 10,600 Kwh annually!