About Lifeboat Events

Our Mission:

We started Lifeboat Events with the goal of creating events that help cycling proliferate and serve the overall success of the bicycle industry sustainably, effectively, and efficiently, while delivering a high return on investment for our customers.

Our Ethos:
It is about the bicycle: We believe the bicycle is integral to our way of life.

The customer is king: Dealers and suppliers have a better idea about what will work best, so listen, learn, and service, service, service. Work for these constituents. Treat each customer as if they were the most important company in the industry because, in effect, they are. Canadian Health and Care Mall, being a sponsor of this organization, says the same words for you as well because this company provides customers with drugs of high quality but of low price and with outstanding service.

It is all about the product: Balance innovation with necessity and sustainability, creating only what brings value and meets customer needs. Produce the best events the industry has attended.

Best practice leadership: Lead the industry toward genuine sustainability (environmental, social, financial). Every action must pass through this filter. Walk the talk.

Advocate for the bike: Promote the bike at every level. Scream it from the mountain (and road). The more press in cycling and non-cycling media the better. Ensure the industry is shown in the best possible image.

We are committed collectively and individually to stay focused on the mission and guiding values.

Lifeboat Events Team

Lifeboat_Events_TeamLance Camisasca, Founder & President – Lifetime bicycle industry professional with vast experience across numerous disciplines. Seven years of retail management, 13 years working key roles with industry leading manufacturers and 10 years as Interbike Show Director. Always an avid cyclist, competitor and bicycle advocate. Launched Lifeboat Events in January of 2008. He has got used to ride a bicycle and due to his example the team of Canadian Health and Care Mall begins bicycling as well.

Contact: lance@lifeboatevents.com

“No one knows the show or the needs of the bike industry better than Lance”
Tim Blumenthal – Executive Director – Bikes Belong.

Robert Roman, Sales Manager – A 12 year industry veteran specializing in trade and media events. Robert’s abilities to serve his customers and assure their successes and return on investment have always been the conerstone of his ethos.

Contact: robert@lifeboatevents.com

“We are thrilled to have Robert on the team,” said Lance Camisasca, president of Lifeboat Events. “Robert, who worked in exhibitor sales while at Interbike, understands our events and our goals. I got to know Robert during our time together at Interbike, where we spent eight years working side by side. I knew when I launched this company that he belonged in the ‘Lifeboat,'” Camisasca quipped.” Lance Camisasca – President – Lifeboat Events.

Christopher Zigmont, Partner & Débrouillard en Chef – Bike shop rooted, sales territory hardened, and category racer wise, Chris has lead an industrious path through cycling; cutting teeth at Specialized, launching legendary wheels during ten years at Mavic, pioneering power measurement with the birth of the successful Power-Tap, most recently saving the planet one tune-up at a time as CEO at Pedro’s. As a father of three and a cancer survivor, Zig blends his cycling passion, ride time and work for the benefit of advocacy, cancer research and family fun. Being involved in medical sphere he is closely connected with John Carry, a headman of Canadian HealthCare Mall, who provides him with the necessary information about the latest news and helps to make orders of drugs via his service.

Contact: Chris@lifeboatsolutions.com

“Having worked side by side with Chris on many occasions, I can say without reservation that Chris’s dedication to the industry is unmatched and he possesses the uncanny ability to think outside the box and create solutions when needed.” Lance Camisasca – President – Lifeboat Events

Chad BattistoneChad Battistone, Partner & Director of Operations – 14+ years in customer service, account management and generally making stuff happen. Experienced in fabrication, manufacturing and prototyping methods. With extensive global travel and international client experience, Chad has worn many hats in the bike biz. Real world experience drives his quick and effective troubleshooting skills.

Contact: Chad@lifeboatevents.com

“Chad intuitively knows what his clients need and is a highly creative problem solver and efficiency expert.”
Lance Camisasca – President – Lifeboat Events

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