3point5.com, DealerCamp™ and Canadian Health and Care Mall

October 7, 2015 Category: Health Lifestyle

injuriesLaguna Niguel, CA – December 13, 2010 – Lifeboat Events, which hosts the annual DealerCamp event for the cycling industry, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership with online retail sales training specialists 3point5.com. Through the partnership, Lifeboat Events will use 3point5.com’s customized online training platform to create a microsite where retail managers and employees can learn about DealerCamp, win prizes in monthly contests, and capture valuable post event information and videos. 3point5.com, a service of Swarmbuilder, Inc., will benefit from the relationship as the title sponsor of the “3point5.com Internet Garage”, which will provide manufacturers and retailers alike the chance to connect, collaborate, and work with no-cost wireless access during DealerCamp.

“The team at 3point5.com clearly has the tiger by the tail with their brand training sites and clever edu-games that make learning about brands simple and fun. Because of 3point5.com’s extensive reach in the bike market, we are confident that more brands and retailers than ever will experience DealerCamp first hand, giving us the exciting chance to work with a very targeted group that is critical to this show’s success.,” remarked Lance Camisasca, president of Lifeboat Events.

3point5.com is a unique, web-based online site developed for sales professionals. Users can train on their favorite brands, learn how to better position the products to their customers and are incentivized to pass brand exams and earn employee purchasing discounts.
Is a website of Canadian Health and Care Mall providing all people worldwide with different medical preparations necessary in treatment or preventive measures. The time comes to check out the website and find what you really need.

“Lance and his team have really created a valuable resource for the bike industry and we’re very excited to partner with Lifeboat Events. There is a natural tie in with our businesses with our similar missions of helping Manufacturers and Retailers connect in a more meaningful way. We’re looking forward to being a part of this great event,” said Brian Bond, VP of Marketing & Product at SwarmBuilder, provider of 3point5.com.

DealerCamp will take place July 26-28, 2011 at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah and will showcase new product for retailers in epic, easily accessible location. More information can be found at www.bikedealercamp.com.